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1. "Kitty Tiger Joy Joy" – the Band, THE SONG & upcoming CD
and tour of Japan. This project has roots in cultural exchange of east and west, a bridge that can bring us all closer together. PLAYFUL and danceable these Songs are also chocked full of affirmations.

2. Recordings called forth by local volunteer organizations

a. Listen to version of “Rawhide” for the NW Parkinson Foundation, recorded for the purpose of inspiring riders on the 150 mile Seattle to Portland (STP) bike ride this past summer 2011

3. Instrumental /Meditational Guitar

to enter into a tranquil space … for journaling, meditation, inner work, and to enter into a healing state.

4. Guided Meditations/Chants for 21st century living

a. Coming up next week in blog ... Healing Meditation on our origins using the Enneagram self-discovery system.

5. HEALTH and HEALING book written by a Doctor, with Voice Over/acting of the exercises, audio book and retreats by yours truly:
Link here to


Each day I sit in silence for 30 minutes, chant from multiple traditions and go to bed with an examination of my Consciousness ( name grateful and challenging moments from the day; from St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of Jesuits).

From an early age Tim was known to be sensitive, especially to the movement of the Spirit, a felt a connection that defined his path. Though it was said he rocked and rolled on the scale so much they could not weigh him as a baby the gentle -spirit Tim has so far emerged strongest. Reared in the Catholic Christian Tradition in the Midwest Tim attended U of Notre Dame and was trained as prayer and retreat leader amidst his own period of initiation into the spiritual life, including serious illness and chronic fatigue. This struggle resulting in changing tracks from pursuing medical Doctor to the healing arts of counseling psychology. Tim served for a year internship with JVC in Seattle which led to seven years in the mental health profession, equipping him to be with people in searching and in suffering, “a light in the dark,” as one woman suffering depression called him.

In 1991 he took the first of his sabbaticals overseas, this one to Europe for four months. He experienced  such an awakening from living at Taize monastery (France) and living like St. Francis in Assisi Italy that he returned to the states and entered the Franciscan order. Continued discernment of religious life resulted in clarity that though he exhibits the “priestly” archetype his style of living this charism out would not fit in Holy Orders as they exist now. Returning to the NW and a brief engagement to a fellow pilgrim he followed an inner call to live in intentional spiritual community with both men and women.  While studying for his Masters of Divinity he co-founded a community in Seattle which lived, served and meditated together for five years. This community initiated him into many different spiritual traditions and expressions of faith. During this time Tim served as adult spirituality coordinator in a parish and then coordinated the CHANNEL leadership training program until 2000 when he embarked on a one year solo Pilgrimage in Asia. Before his departure he co-founded and facilitated two “World Religions” series, each attending five houses of worship in the community for the purpose of encountering and learning to dialogue with often unknown “others” such as Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist.

This jubilee year marked an intense exploration and growth period which still involves yearly pilgrimages to the East. Having attended events and dialogued with leaders such as the Dalai Lama in India, Nepali Hindu Priests, Thai Buddhist monks, Bali-nese healers and Japanese Zen practitioners Tim realized that truly until there is understanding between the people of the world’s religions there will always be war between nations. Returning from Asia three weeks before 9.11.01 Tim was called forth by the Stillpoint Spirituality Center to lead groups to the Mosque so as to build a bridge in the community. In the intervening years Tim has led over 15 groups from all over the county to over 20 houses of worship, connecting over 1000 persons.

Between 2001 – 2008 Tim honed his skills as a Spiritual Director  in both 1:1 and group settings through the Spiritual Exercises training program as well as learn to teach prayer and meditation both east and west. Six years in leadership of the non-profit Ignatian Spirituality Center birthed the popular “Spirituality on Tap” program across two counties. Tim explored other modalities and integrates these in his practice as Spiritual Director/Disciplines coach/Presider: Chanting, contemplative prayer ,Focusing, Enneagram, Healing Touch and Energy work/medicine, Mythology – modern and ancient,  indigenous healing and shamanic practice. Recently, Tim presided at both the Interfaith Community Church and Swedenborg Community where a participant at each remarked, “you are a kind of “spiritualist:” you facilitate the Spirit to come into this space … into our hearts … with your deep, melodic speaking voice and simple song which opens up the soul …to grace.”

In Sept. 2009 Tim’s first Audio CD debut in the Philadelphia area, “Resting in God: Guided Meditations and Original Chants for Everyday Practice.” He is fresh off his third sabbatical (this lifetime) and living in a carriage house on a 3 acre estate in South King county which affords him ample time in solitude and nature to be “fully present” and energized to love and offer gifts of music, voice, meditation and healing presence. He enjoys writing poetry and songs in free time, many of which are available on this website or blog. Some day he may enter into the world of paper books, voice acting and lecture circuits yet at present he is content to just be. It is enough to dedicate oneself in offering spiritual direction, retreats and seminars, both in USA and  in Costa Rica.  If interested in having Tim facilitate an uplifting and contemplative spiritual experience contact him through this website ( left side panel..)


October 2009

*** AUDIO CD was produced, "Resting in God: Guided Meditations and Chants for everyday practice." If interested contact me by email for a copy to be mailed. $20.00 includes shipping and handling.

RECENT UPDATES: CHECK OUT UPDATED PAGES "COMING EVENTS" and "WHAT IS SPIRITUAL DIRECTION" on this website regarding new directions and offerings which emerged out of my one year sabbatical.

COMING SOON: Weekly Blog entries with stories, commentary, seasonal poetry and even original CHANTS AND MUSIC! Link to new BLOG address to read new stories in process and give your feedback:

READ RECENT WRITINGS! Click on the links to read now: 18 Haiku from past 6 months of travel and retreats. Also, a new short story from an experience on the beaches of Sanibel Island, Florida, "Running with Sharks!"

FOR MORE STORIES, INCLUDING "Sammy the Snake Monk of Siam" choose "Pilgrimage Asia" on the menu bar.

Read an interview with Tim (click here) about Prayer in the midst of a fear-filled world.
Contact me regarding Spiritual Exercises/ prayer experiences from St. Ignatius and other mystics.

Active in Interfaith dialogue he takes groups to visit houses of worship of the world’s religions here in the Seattle area. For more info about seminars such as:

the “World religions Series: Visiting houses of Worship in Seattle
The Lord of the Rings: a Spiritual book club

go to Coming Events or Seminars

Influences over time: Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, Rumi, St Ignatius, Francis, and John of the Cross, Dom Bede Griffiths of South India monastery, Taize, Thich Nhat Hahn, Therese of Lixeiu,MLK, Ghandi, Jesus, Buddha, Sri Ramakrishna, George Harrison, Zen poets at Haiku

Mentors and Spiritual Directors:   William Johnston SJ in Tokyo (Cloud of Unknowing), Bro Wayne Teasdale (Mystic Heart), Tibetan leader in Exile H.H. Dalai Lama, Andy Dufner SJ of Nestucca Sanctuary, Sr. Mary Walsh OSF, Many Jesuits at Seattle U., ND,JVC,  and Katmandu Nepal; Sheik Sufi leader Jamal Rachman, Rabbi ____,Swami Bhaskarananda Vedanta Society, Crestone Colorado Community, Shantivanum (India) and New Camaldolesce (CA) Hermits
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