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The project that came out of the 1st Northwest Interfaith Summit Spring 2003 in Arlington WA and was again convened May 2004:

“I have a dream . . .”

An Interfaith Contemplative Retreat Center and Living Community

Where brothers and sisters from different religious traditions living together and offering retreats and spiritual support from this commonly created core community.

This project is intimately related to my discernment of a living community this year and thus I will engage it as I committed to do so last May. The next step which arose out of the Summit meetings is to embark on convening the group (along with others who are interested) over the next year toward an event at Camp Brotherhood in June or July 2005 which could look something like this:

A long weekend (or whole week) where persons/families of different religious traditions live together at Camp Brotherhood.

During this week we each offer prayer experiences and ceremonies from our native spiritual traditions as both an experiential education and a way to simultaneously build bonds of community. The potential is there as well for this small community gathered to gift each other with spiritual support from this commonly created core community. In this way the event has lasting power in our community as a "Bridge" between cultures and faith traditions.

Note: At our open space session Fr. Treacy, Fr. Jim Dalton and Mayor Baron gave verbal affirmation in such a thing happening next summer in line with the original founding of Camp Brotherhood nearly 30 years ago with Rabbi Levine.

Please email me for more info or to be a part of continuing this vision forward ...


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