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So ... What is Spiritual Direction?

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Spiritual Direction is an age-old practice once reserved only for the elite, and those in monasteries. Now, all have the opportunity to reflect with a qualified spiritual director about one's life and its events with an eye to noticing where the Mystery or Spirit may be active, gently nudging us toward a fuller life and growth as a loving person.  Though this style of spiritual support originated over 400 years ago in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola (and in the 14th century treatise, "The Cloud of Unknowing," there are spiritual directors now around the world who represent almost every major religion (

And what is a "Director?"

A spiritual director is a companion on your spiritual journey who listens, supports, sometimes offers suggestions and practices yet is trained to tune into the true "director" animating the session. When we have a person focused entirely on our spiritual journey and practice for an hour we find treasures which we get to open up and explore. Often the greatest treat is we begin to recognize a larger purpose and Presence in our lives. In this sacred container we name and go beyond images of God we grew up to encounter the One beyond who is truly for our highest good. Many who begin this process stay in direction for years, for a lifetime. I have been accompanied this way for over 17 years, men and women, lay and ordained, spiritual disciplines coach and mentors.

What happens in a typical session?

A spiritual director helps the person to notice meaning and spirit in the circumstances of one's life. He or she will be listening, asking reflective questions and pointing out resources for meditation, daily prayer and/or discernment to discover guidance to move forward with confidence. Often the session begins with some silence and a spoken prayer to center and ground ourselves. We assist with noticing resistances and roadblocks, helping the person to come to breakthroughs in their relationship with themselves and with the ultimate mystery. Tim sees people from a variety of faith traditions (or none at all) and ethnic backgrounds. He acts as a kind of bridge between west and east, in terms of practices he can suggest and traditions to explore.

How often do we meet -- and does it cost anything?

Sessions usually take place MONTHLY for an hour though initially meetings can be spaced as close as every two to three week, if helpful to form an adequate foundation and rappore. When monks and priest offered this service their communties covered all expenses so they could minister without fee. Today, most spiritual directors are not in religious life and thus need to make a living. Tim believes in setting up a sliding scale so as to make this service the most accessible to all income levels: between $40.00 - $80.00 hr. Tim also offers sessions by phone and via skype video conferencing, to persons as far as Colorado and Costa Rica. See below for a combination of spiritual direction and energy clearing/healing/balancing.

What is your background, training and affiliations?

Tim is a member of Spiritual Directors International and on the resource pools at Seattle University, Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life (, Ignatian Spirituality Center ( and Palisades Retreat Center. His credential includes a Masters of Divinity from S.U. and Spiritual Director Training Program through SEEL Puget Sound where he continues to serve as Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader in Seattle -- and also Tacoma this year. Tim is an advisory board member with the Interfaith Council of Washington and resource for the Interfaith Community Church at UW orientations.

Call to schedule an initial meeting to see if where you are at in your journey and what I can offer are a match. I trust the Spirit is at work always in these connections toward growth - whether you choose to continue with me or desire referral to other source. See about other services I offer in conjuntion with spiritual direction below.

HOW DO WE TAP INTO THE SPIRIT's gift of peace, to God's healing power?

I am available to offer Energy Healing/Healing Touch Techniques used in hospitals and clinics. Also, I am skilled to apply various alternative practices learned while apprenticing with healers-Shamans from here and Bali which may help calm our overworked minds and hearts like a breath of fresh air let into our being. For medical studies on its benefits visit


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